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Royal Mandap Suppliers, one stop online store for all decorative Entry Gates, Fiber Statue, German Sheet, Zula and much more

"All Decor Needs And Solutions Are Under One Roof"

Glimps of Royal Mandap Suppliers Products

Fiber Statue

German Sheet


Royal Mandap Suppliers has established the Manufacturing unit in Surat in 2018 however, the company is established as trading company of mandap or tent products in 2009 along with maintaining 11 numbers of Party plots in Surat for availing the facilities like Wedding, Reception, Engagement or Ring Sharing ceremony and many more to the customers.

The main idea of startup in the manufacturing sector of mandap / tent related products is to avail all its products under one roof of Royal Mandap Suppliers to the customer at cheapest rate and best quality along with highest level of commitment in delivery and transparency in the business. Royal Mandap Suppliers – company is the manufacturer of products of Fiber, Fabrication (Iron products), 3D cloth, Artificial Flowers, LED Lights, Cloth, Wooden props, decorative & hanging props, etc.

Our products list of all the categories are as below:

• Fiber Products: Gate / Stage, Entry, Vidhi mandap / Chori / Mayara, Entry Setup of Dulhan, Pillar, Panel, Statue, Pot, etc.
• Fabrication (Iron) Products: Gate / Stage, Entry, Vidhi mandap / Chori / Mayara, Entry Setup of Dulhan, Truss, Table, Sofa, Frame, Decorative props, etc.
• 3D Cloth: 3D cloth for gate / stage, Entry, Selfie booth, photo frame, 3D World, Ceiling, Partition, Wall, etc.
• Artificial Flower: Loose flower, Hanging flower, Channel Patta, Bouquet, Artificial Flower Tree and decorative Props, Greenery Sheet, Hydeanger Sheet, Flower Pasting Sheet, flower ball, etc.
• Light: LED Light, Par Light, Disco Light, UFO High Bay Light,etc.
• Cloth: Ceiling, Parda, Patti Gate, etc.
• Wooden Products: Stage Sofa & Chair with metal carving, Photo frame, Dressing table, etc.
• Hanging Props & Decorative Props: German Sheet, Lantern, Cage, Pot, Diva Stand, etc.